If you are a student traveling abroad or a faculty member leading study abroad programs, this course can prepare you for a safe, secure, and healthy trip overseas.

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 Customer Comments

"Health and safety is becoming a primary focus for risk management in all study abroad programs. PerforMax3 and Dan O' Shea have expertise in mitigating risk abroad, responding to critical situations and providing proven curriculum in an online format.  This valuable knowledge allows us to serve our students beyond the capacity of the experience of the staff in our office."

  • The software can be adapted to individual institutional requirements and needs
  • The curriculum can be customized for students or faculty/staff
  • Online orientation is a great way to engage students and get them to actively participate in their learning
  • Branding the course for OSU was an added benefit that has helped our students connect with the material more readily

Jeff Simpson, Director, Study Abroad Program