Developed by a former Navy SEAL Commander, the Travel Safety and Health Certification Program prepares your students and employees for secure travel and study abroad.

PerforMax3 is proud to offer online training programs to ensure your students and employees are educated to keep them safe when traveling or living abroad.

The Travel Safety and Health Certification Program is a four part, online educational course that includes content such as the importance of travel planning, travel health education, situational awareness, and personal security measures.

The programs is available in two formats--a university version designed for students preparing for study abroad programs and a corporate version designed for employees traveling or working overseas.  Click on the links at the right for more information.

Dan O' Shea, Author Travel Safety and Health Certification Program

Dan O'Shea Headshot.jpg

                                                                                      Former Navy SEAL Commander and International Security Consultant, Dan O’Shea, has over 20 years experience in risk mitigation and security.  He’s traveled to over 50 countries and reports for CNN, BBC, MSNBC and FOX News as a security analyst.  Dan is an expert on hostage-taking and international terrorism and a frequent speaker on national security topics.  Dan has partnered with PerforMax3 to provide real-time information on safety and security for Americans traveling abroad.