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Hello everyone, I’m Kevin Sampson from PerforMax3 with information to help you travel safely.

When you travel, have a safe and enjoyable trip by keeping your WITS about you!

By WITS we mean: Watch your surroundings, trust your Intuition, Think before you venture out, and Secure your money and belongings. W I T S – WITS!

W is for watch. Stay watchful while having fun by following the three-minute scan, much like you do when driving your car. Every few minutes, scan your surroundings to look for suspicious activity and make sure your exits are clear. Make non-threatening eye contact with anyone who appears to be watching you and note any developing situations. Sometimes, criminals will set up a distraction like an argument or commotion to draw your attention while they snatch your belongings. The act of watchful scanning will actually deter many petty criminals and encourage them to move on to less wary targets like tourists who are wrapped up in their cell phones or maps.

I is for intuition and we all have it. It’s that feeling you have that something is just not right. Many experts believe your intuition is your subconscious noticing things that you don’t overtly see, so if you feel like something is amiss it may very well be. Learn to trust your intuition. When you start feeling like you want to exit a situation, just do it. You’ll feel better and, most likely, be better for it. 

T stands for Think - Think ahead to your day - where you will go and what you will do. This is a great way to stay safe. Don’t wander around looking at maps and apps; plan your course before you go then move confidently to your destination. Know where you are going and the safest path to get there. You can actually see possible routes as well as many destinations on handy applications like Google Street View. When possible, check the State Department website and local news for any demonstrations or protests going on in your area and stay clear. These events may seem exciting, but they are very, very dangerous!

Finally, S is for secure - Secure your money and belongings to the best of your ability. Use a money belt or travel pouch under your clothes and keep your papers, cards and cash in front of your body. Don’t bring more than you need for the outing. Carry several small bills and coins in your front pocket for tips and minor purchases. That way, you will not have to expose your “stash” to unwanted attention.

In crowded areas like buses, trains, plazas, etc., where professional pickpockets blend in to look harmless, try to keep your back to a wall or a stationary object, and try not to stand too close to others. For a personal story about a student traveling abroad who encountered pickpockets in while visiting Madrid, Spain, visit this link! https://youtu.be/9XLdeYRG_cI.

To secure your information: memorize important contacts and make copies of all documents. Leave a set with someone at home, and keep one set with you. As a bonus - email a copy to yourself.

If you are confronted by a threatening situation, remember: your life and health are worth far more than any possessions you carry!

I’m Kevin Sampson and I hope you keep your WITS about you in your travels.

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I look forward to seeing you all next time! Have a great day!