Safe Travels - Arriving at Your Destination

You arrive at your international destination, road weary, disoriented and ripe for the picking!

The US State Department and many travel bloggers agree that airports and transportation offer the greatest opportunities for scams and theft. Be prepared to be unaffected by following these tips:


Walk with confidence and avoid groups of men and youth congregating around coffee stands.

Do not engage in conversation with anyone except the officials working behind the ticket counter.

Locate your luggage and keep it together with you.

Call someone (privately) to let them know you have arrived.

Look for your driver and the code name you gave the service. Ask the driver for identification. Write down the number. Review the costs and method of payment before you go with the driver.

Watch the driver load your bags into the trunk to be sure everything is loaded and nothing is amiss.

Keep your backpack, purse, briefcase, etc. with you!

If you must take a cab:

Never go with anyone who approaches you or grabs your bags and says they have a car waiting!

You should

-Check with your hotel or the airport officials on the approximate cost of the ride to your hotel

-Negotiate the price up front with the cab driver

-Write down the ID number of the driver

-Keep your belongings with you in the car

-Watch the driver load the trunk if necessary

Select one that

-Is clearly marked

-Is parked in the official pick up area

-Displays driver identification

-Has a working meter



When you reach your hotel:

Keep an eye on people in the lobby.

Converse so that your personal information will not be overhead by bystanders.

Stay above the ground floor (most vulnerable), preferably floors 2 – 8, and near an emergency exit.

Change rooms if necessary.

Check the internal locks in your room to be sure they work.

Carry a rubber door stop and use it.

Never communicate credit card numbers or personal information over the hotel phone. Go to the reception desk if necessary.

Never allow anyone into your room.

Call the lobby if anyone poses as a hotel employee seeking to gain access to your room.