Cultural Competence

  • Diversity and Cultural Competency 1
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency 2
  • African American Cultures
  • Anglo American Cultures
  • Asian Cultures
  • Hispanic Cultures
  • Middle Eastern Cultures
  • Native American Cultures
  • Russian Cultures
  • Southeast Asian Cultures
  • South Asian Cultures

Dr. Geri-Ann Galanti, a leading expert in the field of cultural diversity authored the best-selling book, Cultural Sensitivity on which these lessons are based.


Healing Words

  • Effective Apology and Truth-telling (Disclosure)
  • Fostering Authentic Relationships with Patients
  • Building a Culture of Civility

The lessons in the Healing Words Suite are based on one of Joint Commission Resources' best-selling Publications:  Healing Words:  The Power of Apology in Medicine by Dr. Michael Woods.


In a Blink

  • Communicating Effectively in Diverse Ethnicity
  • Communicating Effectively Across Gender Barriers
  • Communicating Effectively at All Levels of Literacy
  • Communicating Effectively through Time and Personality Conflicts

In 2007, The Joint Commission documented that communication breakdowns were the root cause of more than 65% of medical errors.

Civil Leadership

  • The Business Leader
  • The Working Environment
  • The Provider as a Leader
  • The Seven Common Leadership Missteps

The Civil Leadership Suite, based on Dr. Michael Woods' book, Civil Leadership, teaches effective leadership skills and how to implement civility in different situations.

Management in Healthcare

  • Creating Win-Win Agreements
  • Financial Stewardship in Healthcare
  • Process Mapping
  • Running an Effective Meeting
  • Sticky Issues
  • Team Building without Time Wasting

Authored by Dr. Michael Woods